Oct 24-31, 2021
tampa, FL

Revival Ministries International World Headquarters
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Calling All kingdom Business Owners!

On behalf of Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, we are excited for you to attend our upcoming Ministers’ & Leaders’ Conference taking place from October 24-31, 2021, in Tampa, FL, at Revival Ministries International Headquarters!

This year’s Ministers’ & Leaders’ Conference will be unlike any other you’ve ever experienced, and you don’t want to miss one service or special event! Register for FREE right now and come encounter the presence, power, and glory of God in a way that will mark you for eternity.

Fall MLC

The coming together of the upper and the lower springs is happening now! We are raising up 300 fiery Holy Ghost evangelists, 300 powerful pastors and leaders, and 300 mighty business men and women determined to see another Great Spiritual Awakening sweep across America and throughout the world.

Come hungry and thirsty, and leave refreshed, revived, and empowered to bring revival and a fresh touch from Heaven back to your region! Together, we’ll see churches, nations, and cities open up by the power of God!

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This year’s Fall MLC conference will be a Holy Ghost and fire blowout and will feature a transformation of our Pavilion of Dreams into The River Business Expo!

The River Business Expo will feature over 60 businesses of all different kinds and industries. The vision of the Expo is that Kingdom-Business business owners, either local or nationwide, would have the opportunity to showcase and market their products or services.

To feature your business at The River Business Expo there is an application and vetting process for all businesses. There is a fee to reserve a booth, and once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be sent a link to book your reservation and pay for the booth.

See FAQ list below for further details and booth prices.

Booth Price List


Basic 10' X 10" Booth

Includes the 10’ x 10’ space, and basic pipe and drape backdrop, for all 6 days.  Does not include any add-ons.


Prime 10' x 10' Booth

Includes the 10’ x 10’ space in a prime location (Corner), and basic pipe and drape backdrop, for all 6 days. Does not include any add-ons.


Basic 10' x 20' Booth

Includes the 10’ x 20’ space, and basic pipe and drape backdrop, for all 6 days. Does not include any add-ons.


Prime 10' x 20' Booth

Includes the 10’ x 20’ space in a prime location (End-cap or corner), and basic pipe and drape backdrop, for all 6 days. Does not include any add-ons.


20 x 20 End-cap Booth

Includes the 20’ x 20’ space in a prime location, and basic pipe and drape backdrop, for all 6 days. Does not include any add-ons.

Add-Ons list:

$150    Electrical Access for Booth, for the week.
$50      WiFi Access, for the week.
$25      8ft Table w/ table covering.
$10       2 Chairs at booth
$250   Advance shipping and product storage.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which days of the Conference will the Expo be held?

The Business Expo will be held Monday through Saturday, Oct. 25-30th.

What time will the Expo be open to the public?

Monday-Saturday, 3:00-7:00 PM (EST)

Is payment required to reserve a booth?

Yes, full-payment of booth selection and additional add-ons is required to reserve a booth.

Is there a non-refundable deposit if I decide to cancel my reservation?

Yes, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit that will not be refunded if you choose to cancel your reservation.

What will the booth structure look like?

There will be Pipe and Drape booths set up in sizes 10’x10’, 10’x20’, and 20’x20’

Will there be electricity available?

Yes, as an additional ticket add-on fee.

Will there be WiFi available?

Yes, as an additional ticket add-on fee.

Are there any limitations on what I am allowed to display in my booth?

All of the businesses and their content will be vetted through the application process. Once a business has been approved, the only limitations on what you can bring will be based on the size allotted for the booth type you select.

Am I allowed to have my product/display shipped to the venue in advance?

Yes, as an optional ticket add-on fee.

NOTICE: There are other rules and requirements for shipping product in advance.

Choosing to ship your product in advance is under the acknowledgement that RMI is not liable for any loss or damage of the product.

If you include the “Advance shipping and product storage” add-on to your ticket, we will be contacting you to coordinate details. Please be prepared for...

  • All packages sent must come with an ATTN: Josh Kight (Shipping Department)
  • We will need to know the number of boxes arriving, with all the tracking numbers, and the name of the person or company that the boxes will be coming from.
  • We will need the name and contact information of the person who will be retrieving the boxes once you arrive at The River Church for The Convergence Conference.

What day and time can I start setting up my booth?

The Saturday before The Convergence Fall MLC Conference, Oct. 23rd, The River Pavilion will be open for exhibitors to set-up their booths, hours TBA.
No set-up time available on Sunday, Oct. 24th. Then, there will be time Monday morning, during the morning service, 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM.
All expo booths need to be fully set-up and ready to go by 2:00PM, Monday Oct. 25th.

Am I required to keep my booth open all of the days?

Yes, exhibitors will be expected to have their booth set up and open every day of the Expo, from 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EST).

The exhibitors are responsible for manning their booths for the entirety of the Expo. RMI will not be responsible for any product or personal items that are lost or damaged if exhibitors leave their booth unattended during Expo open hours.

Do I leave my set-up out everyday, or do I have to break it down every night?

Yes, you can leave your booth set-up overnight, the area will be secured and monitored in-between expo hours.

Will the Expo be indoors or outdoors?

The Expo will be held outside, under the The River Pavilion.

Will there be childcare available during the Business Expo?

No, all children MUST be picked up immediately after the morning service; childcare will not be available during the Expo.

Will there be food available for purchase?

Yes, there will be food vendors selling food throughout the day.

What else will be available that is not included in the booth packages?

Please refer to the Add-ons list.